Build a Health Ministry You Can Be Proud Of

Improve the mind, body, and spirit of your congregation with the done-for-you educational health and wellness program designed to improve the health and well-being of your congregants. No special skills needed.

What if you didn’t have to spend countless hours searching for information and resources to start and sustain a quality health ministry program?

There is good news.

Creating a strong health ministry program doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need a little help with my Health Ministry In A Box.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a leader in your organization and you want to deliver a well-organized health ministry but just need something planned for you and easy to use
  • You’ve been asked to start-up your church’s health ministry, but you are unsure of how to start a health ministry
  • Your church has a health ministry, but you constantly wonder where to find ideas on monthly health topics
  • You spend hours researching and trying to find health-related activities to involve your church congregation
  • You spend a lot of time visiting and caring for the sick and know you could have helped them on a healthier path if you just had the right resources
  • You want to make faith and fitness AND health and wellness a key priority for your members

Health Ministries Are Important

Health programs in faith-based organizations play a vital role in shaping the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of its members. Research shows that where health programs exist in faith-based organizations, there are reductions in health issues and increases in overall wellness.

We know that a health and wellness program is important to our ministries. The Lord has called us to lead, mentor, and take care of each other even as we spread the Word. But, it can be challenging to find the resources you need, and the right topics and activities for a well-organized health ministry. Plus, to develop resources to hand out to your members are also time-consuming.

But, you can create and manage your health and wellness program with ease. No more wasted time on behind-the-scenes work to find information.

It’s time to make your health ministry process seamless and easy to manage.

You just need the right tools to make it happen.

Being able to create a health ministry program for an entire year will allow you to have more time to meet other obligations – faith-based and personal. And your congregants will have a focused, well-organized program that you would be proud to manage.

Well, what if I could help you make your health ministry program stress-free and manageable?

How awesome would it be to ditch the constant worry of finding relevant topics to meet your needs? To have stunning presentations ready to deliver powerful messages of health and well-being on a consistent basis?

Imagine having done for you presentations just waiting to be tweaked, uploaded, and presented? Or having prepared bulletins and inserts just ready to print and hand out to your congregants?

Instead of scrambling to piece it all together yourself, you can have it all done for you and ‘boxed’ perfectly in a nondenominational package easily tailored to suit your faith’s teachings. Just ready for you to use to:

Drive health education and health promotion in your faith community

Incorporate wellness ministry ideas into your weekly activities

Find health topics for your church

Easily customize to fit your church’s mission, culture, interests

Tailor to meet the health needs of your church

Enhance the work of the other ministries in your organization


Health Ministry In A Box

A Powerful tool to help you meet God’s purpose for improving health and wellness.

A wholistic health and wellness education kit with program ideas, bulletin inserts, resources, and presentations for a well-organized Church Health Ministry.

Plan your Health Ministry with confidence. Cut down on the time for research and weekly preparation.

Easily meet the health and wellness needs of your congregants.
Get all these templates and resources starting at only $150.

Here’s What You Will Get With Your Subscription

  • Designed for quickly starting a health ministry at just $150/3 months
  • 3 months’ worth of health and wellness related topics, resources, and templates for you to use – delivered monthly for each quarter.
  • Professionally designed PowerPoint Presentations with 35 slides on 3 current health topics with each topic having 3 weeks of educational materials. Each week choose from (a) Did you know, (b) How to manage, and (c) Facts and myths
  • Ready to print bulletin fliers and inserts that go together with the topics of the presentations
  • Scripture PowerPoint Slides based on God’s instructions about our physical health
  • Ready to print health scripture cards as alternatives or companions to the Scripture PowerPoint Slides
  • Social Media-ready healthy action and living tips. Can be shared on your social media platforms for more engagement with your congregants and community



  • Flyer & poster to promote your workshop – easy to customize with your logo, contact info, and workshop information!
  • Hand-outs and recipes to share with participants

HMIB empowers you to build a strong health ministry devoted to serving the health and wellness needs of your church and community. You have the power to help them improve their lives.

Stop stressing about building a health and wellness program. Instead, start a Health Ministry that You Can Be Proud Of. Help your congregants Enjoy Good Health even as their souls are getting along well.

Hi There, I’m Jacqueline V. Carson.

I’m a certified health coach and very passionate about faith, fitness, and family because if we are healthy, we can fulfill our purpose in life. That’s why I took a step of faith – away from my engineering background in corporate America – and opened Temple Fitness, a studio focused on women’s health. I’ve spent 10+ years coaching women on health and fitness.
It was through this that I realized the importance of healthy congregations. I noticed that leaders were spending more time visiting the sick and that the contributions to the church were slowly dwindling because of ill-health.
And this was how I recognized the struggles that leaders and members alike go through trying to develop a program of health and wellness. I wanted to help. So, I decided to use my knowledge in health ministry development and as a health coach to develop Health Ministry In A Box.

Health Ministry In A Box is for you if you:

  • Want to build a health ministry that focuses on the whole wellbeing of each person, and not just the physical aspects


  • Want to develop a health ministry with purpose and can distinguish itself as a true quality addition to your group’s offerings


  • Don’t have the time and resources to devote to building a ministry from scratch


  • Want to show that taking care of the “Temple” is a form of worship so that we can live a life of purpose

Who Is the Health Ministry In A Box Toolkit For?

This kit is perfect for:

  • Leaders of faith-based institutions that want to develop an organized health ministry
  • Congregants tasked with creating a health ministry on behalf of their church
  • Parish/Faith Community Nurses building health and wellness programs for their congregation
  • Elected health ministry leaders who want to start their ministry on the right footing
  • Small churches that want a done-for-you health ministry that is easily implemented
  • Major churches that want to streamline their health ministry and provide added value to their activities

The Health Ministry In A Box helps you to:

  • Be one of the few faith-based organizations with a well-defined and well-organized health ministry
  • Increase awareness of health-related issues among your congregation and community
  • Lead your congregants along a path to a more physically, spiritually, and emotionally balanced life
  • Improve the health and well-being of your congregants
    Guide your congregants in improving the temple that is their body

Subscribe for Your Health Ministry in A Box Toolkit for only $150/3 months

If you’re ready to build a health ministry you can be proud of, have lessons, presentations, and handouts ready for every health service or session, then you’re ready for Health Ministry In A Box.


Start using this kit today. Simply display during your service or print and share.

Contact Us Today For Any Questions !

Start using this kit today. Simply display during your service or print and share.

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